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This location needed just a short 20' ramp with an 80' TEE for ample fishing room.

This location had a rip rap shoreline that we needed to go over. We used a 16' aluminum gangway attached to the fishing pier†using our hinge system.

This is shown with actual cedar lumber, with cedar skirt boards, which can be added to any of our fishing piers.

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A long ramp from shore to the fishing hole with a 20' TEE was needed for this location.

A challenged site that we utilized our boardwalk system along with a floating fishing dock to make this a favorite local fishing spot.

The same challenged site as above with a 108' long ample fishing area for many to enjoy on the river

We use a heavy gauge steel c channel to fabricate our 6' X 10' X 16" high modular design fishing dock. After fabrication they are sent out to get hot dipped galvanized for a long lasting corrosion free protection as well as a long lasting finish appearance.

We use 3' X 6' X 16" high floats for a finished, stable performing product. Our sections can be bolted together in multiple configurations to accommodate your needs.







MN Boardwalks manufactures floating fishing pier docks to meet your needs. Check this out if your city park, county park, state park or any waterfront location†is in need of a floating fishing dock to allow everyone a chance to go fishing. We offer installation on all of our fishing pier docks. Our new modular design†helps make it more economical for your organization.†

Donít forget about the MN Legacy Grant to fund your next boardwalk or fishing dock project from MN Boardwalks.†
Please Finasterida 1 mg mexico for details.